March 17, 2013

Dry vs Dehydrated skin and skin care tips for a dry skin.

Jana ElstonJust came back from walking the dog and its pretty windy out there today! It's lovely and refreshing but can play real havoc with your skin.

Wind can literally suck the moisture out of you skin. And if its a sunny day as well, it's easy to get wind burned. Imagine a fan forced oven crisping up the roast. It's a bit like that, the sun heats up and 'toasts' the skin and the wind dries the skin resulting in a skin that feels parched, tight, stinging & sore, and on the surface looks all crackly.

During windy days its important to protect the skin from over drying as if its left untreated can lead to severe dehydration which leads to premature wrinkling, and even skin sensitivities. Dehydration means loss of moisture (water) and it can occur in oily skin or dry skin.

dry skin
A dried out skin if untreated will slow down the cellular turnover, building up a thicker dead cell layer attempting to protect itself from excessive moisture loss. This can make the skin look dull and sallow and if left untreated can lead to other problems such as blackheads and milia.

If your skin has been dried out by the wind, a moisturizing and hydrating mask can provide instant relief. Prepare you skin first with a gentle milky cleanser designed for sensitive dehydrated skin. Using a gently hydrating toner is an absolute must. The toner saturates the skin with moisture and often contains soothing plant extracts full if vitamins and anti oxidants.

Apply a mask designed for dehydrated or sensitive skin. Leave on 10 minutes ( some you can leave on overnight) . This will restore the skins hydration and promote a healthy and strong barrier.

Apply a hydrating moisturizer. During windy days look for moisturizers with Hyaluronic acid which is a powerful skin hydrator. If your skin is also lipid dry (not enough oil) look for a more thicker cream that will create a barrier on the surface to help prevent moisture loss in a drying environment.

omega 3 6 9 serum essential fatty acids
When the skin is lacking lipids just saturating the skin with moisture is not enough. A lipid (oil) dry skin need to restore essential fatty acids. Choose serums and creams rich in omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids. Your skin is unable to manufacture omegas so if essential acids are depleted it will weaken the skin barrier making it 'porous' allowing it to dry out and can lead to flaky and sensitive skin. Add a drop of the precious lipid elixir to your moisturizer, mix through before applying to the skin. I also suggest include fish oil supplements in your diet to help repair the barrier from the inside out. It will make your skin glow!

Of course, during sunny and windy days it is especially important to use a sun screen and opt for sunscreens that have added antioxidants to protect the skin.

So when the wind pick up, your skin does not have to look like a crocodile skin. Adjust your skin care to keep it moisturized, hydrated and protected and if you need advice, have a professional beauty therapist look at you skin. Even better book yourself in for a lovely, relaxing hydrating facial for a real boost that will make your skin glow!

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