July 29, 2015


stress and acne

Many people agree that stress can trigger breakouts and acne. Excited about the date coming up? Next morning you wake up with a painful, big and angry looking zit on the nose. That time of the month? Many break out around the chin. Students stressing over exams or people overwhelmed with work and family find these stressors can be the triggers of hormonal acne.

Some people may not feel the stress emotionally, and feel it is simply the normal lifestyle we lead. However, the body is constantly in the fight or flight mode to help us cope with the fast pace and daily demands. Having your body at this stimulated rate for too long can cause stress related illnesses, injury and can certainly show in the skin in the form of inflammation such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema.  

Taking time out for recreation and relaxation every day is important to counteract the stress hormones and allow the body to repair and regenerate.

If you suffer from acne avoid skin stressors such as microdermabrasion, microneedling, aggressive AHA peels, UV, alcohol, smoke, and processed foods.

Skin care and treatments to look for include massage and anti-inflammatory facials. High frequency, LED light therapy, mild salicylic acid peel, and lymphatic drainage massage are powerful treatments to help with acne and inflammatory problems.

To counteract stress try yoga, burn aromatherapy oils to help your mind relax, drink green tea, and plenty of water to flush out toxins, plan to have a good nights sleep and go for a walk daily or include some other mild to moderate exercise to help the body recover from stress.

Stress triggers acidity in the body, which triggers inflammation so choose more alkaline foods. Eat more fresh green salads, colorful vegetables and fresh oily fish which are all high in antioxidants. Focus on including bright colored green and red vegetables, which have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the body. 
skin benefits of drinking lemon water

Don't hesitate to ask your aesthetician for skin care treatments and advice on best ways to treat acne, and talk to a naturopath about the best ways to detox and help you body fight acne and stress through optimum nutrition.

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