February 12, 2016

Trust Your Skin Care Expert's Advice

trust your skin care experts adviceWe as skin care experts, sometimes have to deal with clients who come in and request a service we see as not appropriate for their skin. 

Some treatments can be addictive, such as peels, microdermabrasion and laser or IPL. This is because when people have a problem with their skin, these treatments really do deliver fantastic results. So understandably people want more of the same. 

However the skin is a live organ, short-term it will respond very well because the skin needs correction, long-term however the skin cells will eventually fatigue and trigger a histamine response in order to try and protect from the ongoing damage. 

rejuvenating skin treatment
Peels, micro, laser rejuvenation all cause "controlled micro damage" to trigger skin's healing and rejuvenation mechanism. This is very useful when we are treating acne, scarring, premature aging, sun damage, clogging, congestion, wrinkles, and pigmentation. However once these issues have been cleared up, there is no longer any need to keep damaging the skin, otherwise the skin will respond and will try to defend itself by thickening up, stimulation more oil flow, triggering pigmentation and if all this fails will trigger histamines with causes inflammation and skin rashes. If you are constantly putting your skin under pressure where it does not need it you will trigger inflammation with accelerates aging. 

Once you have achieved the desired result, it's important to switch to a skincare and treatment program to support and enhance the results. This is where cosmeceutical skin treatments come in very useful, utilizing cell communication and skin repairing actives, peptides, tyrosinase inhibitors, MMPIs and anti-glycation ingredients, anti-inflammatory ingredients, antioxidants, barrier repair, collagen boosting and wrinkle plumping ingredients. This is how you will achieve an amazing skin.

Your skin has a memory.
In ten, twenty, thirty years from now,
your skin will show how it was treated today.

So treat it kindly and with respect.

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